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It looks like beer and tastes like a craft ale, but this brew is like no other. Innovative Liquid Solutions, in partnership with Novel Beverage; has teamed up with the highly decorated & well respected Maine brewers of Shipyard & SeaDog to bring you these amazing THC Elixirs.

Sea Dog Blue Paw THC Elixir

Beloved Maine favorite, SeaDog Blue Paw is made to the highest standards that beer lovers have come to expect from Maine craft brewing. Our Blue Paw THC Elixir is made with the same premium quality ingredients including organic wild Maine blueberries, but infused with THC instead of alcohol which makes this a great session ale, and it’s only 66 calories! This popular flagship elixir is brewed year round and is always available at your favorite adult-use dispensary. 

Shipyard Pumpkinhead THC Elixir

The hyper-popular ale that changed the game for seasonal brewing nationwide now has a THC Elixir counterpart that is now available seasonally October-January at your favorite adult use dispensary on a limited basis. All of the beautiful aroma and full bodied flavor of Shipyard Pumpkinhead that beer lovers look forward to every fall is now an infused THC Elixir with only 66 calories. Perfect for the holidays.
Highly Crafted
These highly crafted cannabis drinks are brewed in a traditional way with the best in class quality ingredients & nano-emulsified cannabanoids to deliver the smooth, thirst quenching, & refreshing ales that beer lovers around the world have come to know from the houses of Shipyard & SeaDog. At 5mg of THC (zero alcohol) per bottle, these awesome brews are extremely sessionable. The proprietary nano-emulsification process ensures a smooth & consistent delivery of THC at the molecular level so that it’s absorbed rapidly & efficiently. All the while sitting at a very slight 60 calories so having a few won’t leave you feeling guilty about skipping the gym. Experience a truly different cannabis consuming experience.
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